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      "By not dominating the master leads"~ Tao Te Ching
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​Why a Corporate Retreat at Grey Wolf Ranch?

Corporate entity’s all question strategic leadership and management especially in relation to the company’s core values, competitive advantages and a corporate transformation that increases the triple bottom line at the beginning and end of every fiscal year. In gaining a competitive advantage, many corporations and small businesses alike, have deducted that a corporate retreat with core facilitators within the company is the resolution to increasing productivity within management and through the corporate hierarchy. At Grey Wolf Ranch Tennessee, we applaud these efforts and assist in maximizing corporate goals. Grey Wolf Ranch Tennessee creates a relaxing retreat while entailing a creative brainstorming process. We selectively chose a horse that will be a mirror image of each member to facilitate the short and long term goals which need to be achieved. Our methodology of teaching has had success and long term proven results with multiple companies world-wide.

A retreat at Grey Wolf Ranch Tennessee is a management tool incorporating equine, which can be used in a variety of ways. It has been our experience that a company is pursuing a retreat in order to address specific issues, and finding a way to rectify these problems – as a team.  Do not let the word or phrase of “Ranch” fool the reader. The owners, Daniel & Christine Grey have created a concept of teaching and learning from their experience in high end corporate management. Our staff are thoroughly trained for such leadership events. Strategically speaking, all companies have a set of core values and goals that are created in order to increase profits and sustainability. At the core of these values and goals, we understand from experience that without a cohesive unit of a team, then the core losses effectiveness in communication and management.Grey Wolf Ranch Tennessee focuses on the corporate retreat, with a personal touch that will never be found elsewhere. It is the companies’ goals and methods of governance that we expound upon. By consulting personally with the facilitator and possibly other key members of the group – we delve into and digest the concerns being brought, while formulating a successful model for each individual that participates.It is imperative to understand that we incorporate all key elements of discussion into a program called: Learn to Ride……..Ride to Learn. It is here that the secret of our success can be divulged. Our concept is completely unique in the fact that we give the credit of teaching to our equine friends. Each company objective has a direct parallel to the lessons horses have to teach us.Our customized equine workshops at Grey Wolf Ranch Tennessee explore a variety of personal and team building principals, but not limited to:

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Negotiations 
  • Confidence
  • Balance
  • Delegation
  • Accountability
  • Being Result Oriented Not Excuse Oriented
  • Collaboration
  • ​Body Language
  • ​Eye Contact

Each of these crucial tangibles is taught in collaboration with our horses.

Planning the Retreat

In order to mobilize and effectively plan the resources for a retreat, Grey Wolf Ranch Tennessee works in close collaboration with the companies’ administrator and/or the company selected individuals. We then find per conversation(s) the crucial strengths/weaknesses particular to the retreat, quintessential particulars on members attending the retreat, and most importantly the consensus of all involved - the short/long term core goals to produce a return on the investment.

While effectively communicating with key executives, Grey Wolf Ranch Tennessee works internally to develop an approved agenda and itinerary. The conversations between Grey Wolf Ranch Tennessee and the administrator can be detailed and extensive. One cannot expect long term results, without the proper planning of which we offer. Our objective is to obtain your opinions and assessment of company culture, economics, governance and growth. Also, practice management, marketing and development, personal and economic goals and relationships with each other. We then maximize upon your feedback and incorporate each element into your custom tailored program of “Learn to Ride…Ride to Learn”.

​We will custom tailor your retreat per the facilitators desires, realizing all of the goals will come to fruition while riding a horse in the “Ride to Learn” portion of our retreat. None of which is done within the boundaries of an arena. We offer other activities that complement the “Learn to Ride…Ride to Learn” program.

Grey Wolf Ranch Tennessee maximizes the above elements in order to give each individual the time and place to reflect upon and practice fundamental principles, which will make them a better leader and employee to your company. It is through our “Learn to Ride…Ride to Learn” program that we sustain company objectives to generate long lasting success, both professionally and personally to each individual who attends our program.

We custom tailor our retreats based on each individual company expectations, size and budget. We formulate a plan that works for your corporate entity and negotiate a win/win situation.

Success of Retreats at Grey Wolf Ranch

Our success is most assuredly related to us day in and day out, from the amount of correspondence we receive from corporate entities and individuals. However, in accordance with practicing business protocol we respect the confidentiality of all retreats. That being said, we are only able to relate a selected amount of material to outside parties.  However, we encourage the reader to visit our Testimonials page, visit us on Trip Advisor where we were awarded the Certificate of Excellence 2013 by Trip Advisor.  

The environment we provide is of rustic elegance and communal understanding in order to facilitate the goals that were provided; how better then at the Ring of Fire to collaborate as a team, discuss objectives and learn about each other?

In formulation of your next company retreat, the Grey Wolf Ranch should be highly considered. We understand the need for a return on investment, and promise to deliver that to each entity with long standing results. No matter the goals, competency levels or values, Grey Wolf Ranch Tennessee will not only be an experience of a lifetime for everyone in the company: we promise that each individual will walk away with knowledge of themselves that will increase any triple bottom line.