Dear Mr. Grey,  

I wanted to let you know how much my team appreciated all of the educational benefits and professionalism shown to us by your staff during the retreat at your facility on 22 and 23 July 2011.  

​After the event, I asked for feedback on the value of your program. I would like to share just a few of the comments that my staff provided;  

​In conclusion this journey was one I truly will never forget and one I feel that we should have again in the future. Grey Wolf Ranch has given me more empowerment in my personal and career life. CG  

​I believe Daniel had a great way of shining a positive light on any subject by using metaphors and alternate perspectives. The trip helped me realize that I had to be stronger with my decisions and to let go of the negative thoughts. Being a positive person will help me to deal with my struggles at home and in the work place. I believe that every person should have a chance to experience the Grey Wolf Ranch to help them become better people. I appreciate all that I have in life and will never regret my past. This experience will remain in my heart until the day I die. CH

 The weekend was a great success; I got to know most everyone on the team on a more personal level and really enjoyed that. I loved riding Chippewa, we became one and I could have road him home. I have scheduled a 3 hour trip for my dad and myself on the 13th of Aug because I just think it is such a worth wild event. I now he will love it and I hope he learns from it also. Thank you very much for the great opportunity you gave us all. PU  

Most courses that I have attended have had 500-2000 people attending. Typically you worked with a breakout group for several hours before the group broke up and formed different groups. At Grey Wolf, you are working with Daniel directly most of the time in while group of around 10, and smaller groups of either the one on one or in a small group of four or five. There are opening exercises were Daniel sizes you up and uses that information to select horses that will test you appropriately. The horses become a living metaphor for how to work with your team members. I've attended numerous personal development courses and found this one by far superior. RM  

The experience I had a Grey Wolf Ranch was quite amazing. I wasn't sure what to expect when we got there but soon learned it would be an opportunity to learn more about myself and those others that came. Applying the "soft but firm" approach of riding a horse to myself makes a lot of sense to me. I've been known to be too soft and occasionally too firm. One take away I have is to be more aware of how I am handling a particular situation, whether it be at work or at home. JC 

​ I think the trip to Grey Wolf Ranch was wonderful. I think it help point out some key points in my work relationships. It definitely will help me be more vocal in meetings or on one   on one situations. Applying the concepts learned at the Grey Wolf Ranch will help people understand that I have a belief in what I'm saying and benefit me at work and in my personal life. TD   

​Daniel, I personally have attended over a dozen professional management training seminars in addition to many teambuilding events over the course of the past few years. The program that was provided by you, your team and the horses was an enlightening experience that has taught me skills that have, and will continue to significantly benefit me both professionally and personally for the rest of my life. I highly recommend your program as it is by far superior to any of the others that I have attended. In fact, I believe that the experience has had such a positive affect on the professional aspects and working relationships of my in-house staff that I will be scheduling another event at your ranch for several of my field team members in the very near future. 


Jeff R. Bird Director, Worldwide Field Service, LSO The Spectranetics Corporation 

“Vomiting out all that negativity and bitterness can be good for the soul. For myself, in the past, I felt entirely ignored by Jeff and while I had always been honest with him, it didn't seem to make any difference, hence my withdrawal from actively trying to make things better. And while I have known that my attitude was by far the worst in the department, I also knew that many of my issues were shared by my more experienced peers. Getting all of the issues in the open, have Jeff acknowledge them and makeconcrete plans for addressing them have come a long ways in making me feel better about where I may be headed here. Something I gave up years ago. Jeff does seem to get it and I am happy to try to get it myself. As you know, dealing with some of the extreme conditions of this job in addition to the past 3 years of personal hell I have had to deal with, are not a good combination. Gently but firmly, I have made some very positive changes on the job as well as the home front. As I mentioned to you there, I was pretty well prepared for what you would be doing and knew I had drawn a bull’s eye on my back. I was looking for help and did find it there. So, thank you. When I am looking at any issue these days, I keep moving my hands, sometimes farther apart, sometimes closer together until I find a spot where I think things have the best chance of working out. The entire department does seem to be much better emotionally since my return from Colorado and I am happy to say, I share in that myself. I think Jeff probably had the worst year in his career this past year and he may be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I haven't had a chance to discuss his bad year with him yet, but have decided to reach out to him soon. All of us have folks we can vent to....John, Bob, Fred, and Mike have not only been my co-workers for 20 years, but good or great friends as well. I don't think Jeff has much opportunity to vent about us to too many people, I'll offer myself and see what he does. There are still quite a few areas ,I and most the of others who attended your retreat, would like to work on, some or most of it may be unsuccessful, but knowing we have a fair chance at having a real impact will go far in keeping ourselves(and/or myself) on track. Finding out 1st quarter of next year where the company is going with these mentor positions will have a huge impact on us and we are now working with Jeff to see if we can be a positive influence on the process. I've been a real good boy so far, honest.... (Almost forgot to mention you have some fine young folks helping you out, but I know you know that.) Sr. Field Service Engineer –Spectranetics Colorado Springs
“We are now all home safely! Thanks for making our event such a success and please extend my utmost thanks to all those who took care of us at the Ranch.”-Company Undisclosed

Customer Testimonials 

"We've received the photos from our excursion at the ranch, and they look great.  Thank you for doing this.  The experience riding with your organization was simply the best, and for plenty of reasons extending beyond the thrill of riding.  I suppose we find ourselves in circumstances often enough that are undesirable, and given the tone of the week I'd like to believe Michelle and I are riding with control, for the most part :)  But the perspective granted in an environment comprised of metaphors and exceptionally real people such as yourselves speaks volumes to me as an individual, and I appreciate it with the utmost sincerity from the depths of my heart." Thank you once again!  Chris and Michelle

 Dear Daniel and Christine, my mom and I had a lot of fun yesterday. We've never had this kind of experience before! In the class, you were trying to teach us gentle but firm, and when I was riding Amigo, I understood what you meant. I know that I'm gentle, and now I can be gentle and firm with my family, friends, and my music playing.  Cheryl Marvin-Conejo Valley Youth Orchestras

“No doubt that we had a lifetime experience together with you and the horses”.
- Company Undisclosed

“I and my team are still referring a lot to our amazing trip to your ranch earlier this year – we had an unforgettable time together, and we are an even stronger team made by even stronger individuals”. – Company Undisclosed

 "A broken woman arrived yesterday to the care of Christine, Comanche, and Daniel. After years of endless devotion to a man she loved he recently decided he just didn't love her anymore. Her life before that was every child's' worst nightmare and through those dark and fearsome years it was her love of horses and learning to work with them that not only kept her safe but loved.

Now years later in her darkest hour she has found that safety and love once again. My name is Eve and I have found my sanctuary in the Grey Wolf Ranch. The love, compassionate understanding, and passion for life is so saturated in every corner here that I found it very difficult to want to leave. Christine, with her bright eyes and radiant personality to match, found me right away a bit lost and timid upon arrival. She immediately made me feel welcome and at home. As it is I am generally a very confidant woman, today I was thrown back to the days of my childhood when I would run away from life to the safety of a soft kissable muzzle and deep steady breaths of my equine soul. Christine took me first before allowing me to simply bury my tears in a mane and showed me that I was still strong and that I still had much to learn. I was humbled by the patients and overwhelming understanding that is all but lost in this world today. After reminding me of who I am she introduced me to my beautiful mount Comanche, who so reminded my of my beautiful ChessyBay (the sweet 2 YO that as I trained to have a rider taught me the depths of love... she saved my life). He was magnificent. Comanche welcomed me right away as if we had known each other forever. As I groomed him and readied him for our ride he remained ever steady and patient. I asked him that he bear with me as I learned him and him, me. The day was full of beauty not only in the lands around my but the sacred history that lay within. Through their combined wisdom, Christine and Comanche repaired a broken heart and Daniel reminded me that there is still so much beauty in this life as well as so much to be learned. Today I sit rejuvenated once more with a light heart and hope for tomorrow. If you are hurting, lost, or so deeply in love and looking for that place to profess your heart, it is here. This place is truly magical and has become now and forever my place of solitude and peace. Thank you Daniel, Christine, and most of all Comanche. May peace be in your heart as it now is in mine. Until I see you again." Genevieve Erickson
“We all had a great stay - I often find myself drifting away to Tennessee.” –Company Undisclosed