"A horse is a projection of peoples' dreams about themselves- strong, powerful, beautiful- and it has the capability of giving us escape from our mundane existence."  Pam Brown

Learn To Ride.....Ride To Learn

Learning to ride at Grey Wolf ranch will provide a totally authentic horse/human experience.  It will certainly have a dramatic positive impact on your life!

There is much to learn from our equine friends. Please, come experience the journey at Grey Wolf Ranch... Hope to see you soon!

Equine Instruction

Will teach you everything from the hoof to the ears and how to develop a well-balanced seat that enables you to ride these magnificent horses "off the bit" (gently using your hands, legs, and voice).

We have a special program called Learn To Ride....Ride To Learn, that can be enjoyed and valued for as little or much time as one prefers.

Regularly Scheduled Trail Rides

Explore the native terrain of Tennessee and the Dale Hollow Lake area for an hour.  The best ride for those looking to escape for a small amount of time and enjoy what it means to just be on and or around a horse for one's first time!  We have several rides that go out daily with knowledgeable and friendly guides that take great care of our first time riders.

What We Offer

  • Hour Rides
  • Half Day Rides

  • Full Day Rides

  • Weekly Instruction

  • Pack Trips

  • Lunch & BBQ Rides

  • Carriage Hay Rides

  • Lake Rides

  • Swimming Rides

Equestrian Management Workshops

Address a variety of issues with our horses, encountered in both our personal and professional lives including, (but not limited to) leadership qualities, communication skills, self confidence, eye contact, control issues, collaboration, and compassion.  All equestrian workshops are custom tailored for each skill level and special needs of each child, individual or corporate team. 

Equine Adventures